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Yea… Why should I?

I asked myself, why am I not a blogger? Why am I not blogging, writing, or spending time blowing steam off on the computer? Or just pretend to be active on Social Media? You know what, I don’t even know why I’m doing this. It’s a shame! Yea, I’m just typing as it comes to mind. It has taken me, uhm… “Good Heavens” I don’t know, forever? To write my first blog? Oh, it’s funny. I don’t know what to write so, I titled this blog post, “Yea… Why should I?

So, for all you experienced bloggers, be patient with me on this blog site. I am learning to understand what it means to be a blogger. I’m learning how to share my thoughts and not have me swallowed by them. I will do my best to be a good student and be true to my feelings and thoughts. Of course, I did a little soul searching before I could muster the courage to drop these few liners… haha! I did it… I did it!

Well, I just have to throw this out, I love pictures. I just like shooting photos. I like everything about photography; lenses, cameras, images. The art of photography is just fascinating and I don’t know enough about it. I probably don’t know jack but I do pretty Ok taking some good shots working on them with adobe but it is frustrating when I can’t get someone to take a nice shot of me. Well, hey, it is what it is.

“A little story here, I had my first camera, oh no… it was my parents’. I don’t even know who owned it, my mother, my father, I don’t know. All I know is that I played with an Olympus camera when I was little say, about 8 yrs old. It was beautiful and produced amazing pictures. I kinda used it till I was 10 yrs old and then I went to a boarding school and never played with it again. It took me quite sometime before I could buy  my first point-and-shoot. I will put the brakes on here, and will continue the story another time as long as I keep writing!”

So, let me see what this first blog post brings. Oh, and my biggest passion of all is soccer. I eat, drink, smoke soccer! I played really… really well in my younger days. I’ m quite old now and all I managed to play was amateur league. Kinda lost my way from soccer when I chose to study than be actively playing soccer. Therrr you have it. Now you know why I can’t be a professional soccer player. My other passions include, music, dancing, although I do not know how to play any instrument, I can support the lead with my “crooked’ voice… hahahahahaa!

Watch out for some pretty cool topics on food, nature, science, education, fantasies, the whole nine! Did I mention I was educated? Yea, not a PhD holder but I’m up there.

Oops… look at me, I didn’t know what to write when I started, here I am writing 5 – 6 paragraphs, Nice!

Anyways, I will be talking about everything on this blog! I will entertain everyone as long as we “KISS.” Yes, keeping it simple, stupid! Hoohoo! I think I’m going to be good at this.

Till I hear from all of you, especially newbies like me. We can do this! We need to embrace this idea of enriching our knowledge base. I always want to learn something new, to be perfect in what ever I do, as I achieve happiness and satisfaction in life, so shall you achieve your life goals. This is why I should blog!

Keeping memories alive



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2 responses to “Yea… Why should I?”

  1. Terry Lee says:

    I’ve been taking pictures with my phone for a few years. The other day I decided to find my camera, load new batteries, and take my dog walking in the woods and get some pictures. There’s something about holding the camera that is more soothing over pointing my phone. The camera has its own sound and feel. The quality is about the same, but the experience is different and better.

    • Obinna Nwagboso says:

      Absolutely! I guess there is plenty to it as regards to holding the camera. These days, I tag along with my lens and shoot everything… and yes, it gives me plenty joy doing so. And, I can’t stop finding faults in every shot I take; something that drives me to take a better shot next time.

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